CBD for pets

The benefits of CBD for human health conditions have long been studied, tested and proven. We use CBD to treat all sorts of conditions, ranging from small inflammatory conditions such as acne to much bigger, significant conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia or migraines. In addition, it does not produce the same psychotropic effect cannabis seems to produce in the brain.

While CBD is a popular remedy to help manage and treat pain in humans little has been said about CBD for pets: could CBD oil be used to treat the same ailments in animals than it treats in humans?

As it turns out, some studies demonstrate that pet’s health problems can be treated with CBD, and it shows similar benefits in pets to those in humans.

CBD benefits for pets include:

-Treating hair loss caused by issues of the skin.

-Chronic pain

-Inflammatory conditions


-Mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, separation anxiety and general distress

-Pain management and reduction after surgery

-Lack of appetite, be it caused by age or due to illness

-Lack of vivacity and cheerfulness, be it related to age or due to illness


-And many other conditions.

However, using CBD to treat pets’ health condition is still a novel area that hasn’t been as explored as using CBD to treat humans. While the effects it produces on the animal’s body seem to work in a similar way to those it produces in the human body, we would not recommend anyone treats their animals with CBD or CBD related products without consulting your veterinary first.

Use only the right dosage that has been recommended by your veterinary specialist, and never attempt to self-medicate your pet. We do not take any responsibility over side effects that might happen from self-medicating your animals with CBD.

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