Hemp heart products heal, covid quicker, repairs tissues, allergies, GMO’s

Hemp hearts are my milk and meat substitute for protein and healing my DNA. They come in seed form, power, flakes and energy bars. Hemp hearts are the perfect protein, filled with phosphorus that heals your bones and teeth and magnesium and calcium. Perfect source of valuable amino acids omega-3 and 6 they aid in growth and cell repair and your tissues high in Edestin (globular proteins) which builds antibodies that fight against damaging free radicals, they repair the villi in your intestines so that you can rapidly heal yourself head to toe. Now you can heal yourself from GMOs, damaging junk foods, and most body ailments.

Don’t be shy give it a try.
I first heard about hemp hearts on the morning News when they do the cooking show. He made a chocolate shake for breakfast with Hemp hearts, water, cocoa and maple syrup. I healed my allergies in a week on Hemp hearts.
You can find them in any grocery or health store, even in the bulk isle.

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