Homogenized Milk, Cream & Coffee Creamer (Almond, Cashew, Coconut, Hemp)

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Making homemade plant-based milk at home (whether it’s almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk or hemp seed milk) is so simple that it”s really unnecessary to buy it in the grocery store. It’s creamy, delicious, and doesn’t separate when you let it sit in the fridge.

Another benefit of making plant-based milk at home is that you control the consistency. Want to make vegan cream or vegan coffee creamer (half-and-half) at home?

There are two methods for making vegan creamer. The first thing you can do is increase the nut to water ratio. The usual ratio for nut milk is 1:4. So, anything higher than that will yield thicker milk/cream. The second thing you can do is keep the nut to water ratio at 1:4, and then heat the milk. Bringing the cashew milk to just under a boil for a few minutes permanently increases its viscosity.

The advantage of the first method is that the cream stays raw. The advantage of the second method is that the cream is lower in calories and more cost-effective.

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