Making, cutting, & stamping AVOCADO-HEMP-ALOE all natural, vegan, CP soap

This bar is vegan friendly, and all natural. I’m using essential oils and whole organic avocado puree, along with lots of other special ingredients.
I didn’t like how the tops came out on this bar, so I had to fix that…

Please do your own research on CBD and cannabinoids. I’m not an expert, and am not making any health claims. I’m just bringing you along while I make this soap, and “chit chat” while doing it. Hope you enjoy the soap making process.

I love to create good for you, handcrafted soaps using the cold process method of soap making.
This video is intended for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or statements made are just my own, I’m not a health professional. I’m simply an artisan soap maker, inviting you to come along on my journey.

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