Vegan, Oil-Free, Hemp Seed Pesto Hummus

Note: We ended up liking the scattered whole beans so much we intend to always set some aside to fold into the blended portion!


2# dry beans
8 c. liquid (all water, or 5 c. water + 3 c. broth)
7 oz. hemp seeds
3 heads garlic
1 whole organic lemon, ends trimmed, blended
2 c. fresh basil (or 2-3 T. dry)
1 t. turmeric (optional)
Pepper (optional)


Soak overnight, covered, in 5 c. water.*
Add to the instant pot with 3 c. broth.
It will look like not enough water, but it works perfectly.
Cook in the Instant Pot for 40 min, high pressure, natural release.
* If you’re not using broth you can soak in all 8 cups and not add any more water when you cook.

Roast garlic:
I put the peeled cloves in a sealed parchment pouch and bake for 40 min at 350. (Thanks, Debbie Jensen Bruce!)


Put half the beans in your food processor.
Add everything else (except the rest of the beans).
Top off with another scoope of beans.
Blend unti smooth.
Put in a big bowl.
Blend the rest of the beans to your desired smoothness/chunkiness.
Mix with the rest of the seasoned hummus.

Makes about 9 pounds of hummus.
You can even freeze it!

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